R1 Shelf

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R1 is a wall-mounted shelf crowned by an arch designed as an altar to preside the best wall of any room. R1 Shelf is rich in the mix of materials combining lacquered wood, polished brass, aluminium and polyethylene foam (pool noodles). This shelf is conceived as a piece of art to highlight your deco treasures.

Dimensions (cm) 50 H x 25 W x 90 L

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R1 Shelf includes

1 aluminium arch

13 pool noodles pieces

14 polished brass washers

1 wooden shelf

1 methacrylate tray

2 solid wood cylinders

4 lacquered wood cubes

Auxiliar / Hardware included

2 wood connectors

8 screws for the connectors

2 hidden metal hardware. Support by Emuca.

Weight 10 kg